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Poots filled with argh and love! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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0287 [Feb. 6th, 2011|12:52 am]
[feeling |bitchybitchy]

Just about four or so and some cool idea shits for projects I guess :TCollapse )
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0286 [Jan. 27th, 2011|10:18 am]
[feeling |accomplishedaccomplished]

All my sighs at the mail, still waiting for packages for birthday and Christmas gifts lol jesus. I got one of them yesterday finally! Sam's WWII book came ;u;
I think I might just ditch LJ over time *eyeroll* It's too quieeeet, YOU'RE ALL TOO QUIET. DO I NEED TO COMMENTBOMB YOU ALL? YIKES.

[20+ or so this time around? I DID SOME 3D WORK, CHECK IT OUT. I'M ALL PROUD AND SHIT!]Collapse )
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0285 [Jan. 23rd, 2011|07:00 am]
[feeling |blankblank]

So I rarely feel like updating. If you give a shit about me as a person/interests/mylife/AND MY ART:
I am on Tumblr every single day. Http://katzirra.tumblr.com

Feel free to join me. I'll still update here but yeah <3

15 and some super awkward crossdressing Calley made me draw. YOU WERE WARNED.Collapse )
I feel like discussing some of my supplies with all of you :oCollapse )
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0284 [Jan. 19th, 2011|02:46 am]
[feeling |confusedconfused]

Sum bitching stuffsCollapse )

And then the art: I think like eight or so are in here. Nothing fancy~Collapse )
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Due to birthdays/holidays: [Jan. 16th, 2011|05:42 am]
[feeling |exhaustedexhausted]

List of shit I am expecting in the mail so I stop forgetting:

- Demyx keychain for Natalie.
- Stuff from Moko whenever.
- Mystery package from Kat.
- Mystery package from Calley whenever.
- Hellboy book from Rei whenever.

God I hope that's it, I've had post it notes floating around for weeks and months that I keep crossing off and adding to.

- Bioshock thing for Sam :B.
- McGee Alice poster for Steph.
- Jean Harlow movie for mom.
- Book for Heather.
- Bro Code book for Steph.
- Art tote/erasers/lead from Jet Pen.
- Mam's present.
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0283 [Jan. 15th, 2011|10:34 pm]
[feeling |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

Gonna be lame posts for a while, not like it hasn't been ho ho hooooo.
Just not feeling very good at anything, not liking anything.
I feel really distant from everyone, and you know - it's mostly my fault.
I have a commission to do and lots of work to do. Dad dropped it on me we'll be moving hopefully in 6 months but I doubt it and I just... need to go back to school soon. Even if it's just to take a life drawing class. I miss my life having purpose.
I really just... hate art lately. I feel boring and dull, I want to COLOR more than draw. I love coloring so much... big illustrative pieces I get into while my music thrums on in the background of my mind and I lose track of the hours.

But I don't draw like that anymore.

Passionless crap drawings and fanart probably. [6 + 2 colors]Collapse )

Planning to do an artbook I'll cobble together for Nightmare Syndicate and throw out there and do art for a hobby or something.
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0282 [Jan. 10th, 2011|05:16 am]
[feeling |sicksick]

The last of 2010 until I find those last thirty sketches :CCollapse )
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0281 [Jan. 5th, 2011|05:55 am]
[feeling |anxiousanxious]
[listening to |Nobuo Uematsu - Seymour's Theme | Powered by Last.fm]

I'm gonna slap all my holiday cards into this post and make another post later this week for everything else since I'm still finding stuff and scanning it.
I'm so fucking tired guys...

The big Christmas Card post~Collapse )

For anyone I owe a card or promised a card, I might just make you a Valentine. I know I'm doing that for Rei since I am so windswept with work it's making me cry these past few nights oh my god.
I have thirty drawings missing from the day I was at Natalie's. Most of them are just Kingdom Heart CRAP things but they were supposed to be scanned for my 556 count and I know Synne and Hokuto would like to see them at least ;A;...
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<3 This was a good year for art, broskis. [Dec. 31st, 2010|04:12 am]
[feeling |creativecreative]
[listening to |KEENGDUMB HAWRTS]

I have about forty drawings to scan to make...
A raging total of 552 drawings this year YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ But I cannot get to my scanner soon enough. So we'll be seeing that soon enough.
But wow guys, 500+ drawings this year, with last year rolling in at about 375? That's impressive to me. I feel like I nearly DOUBLED my number. Lets see if I can double this or do it again this year! Try for some more exciting art this year at least. Work on more style stability and facial angles, yes? <3

UHMMMMM...... as for now, hi I'm tired. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and we all know that means I'm drawing fanart and lots of it and getting pissed off at facial shapes again. I TOOK XIGBAR'S EYE. I FEEL SO BAD. And I probably have to restart the game on PROUD so I can fucking get the shit since LOL this fucking bullshit of doing the journal 100% is just not going to happen :|

Fandom and drawing what nots - hi. So a lot of my friends are gonna be getting REALLY late holiday cards but that's because my life is out of my hands right now. SOB. Stupid holidays ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Love you and happy holidays babiesCollapse )
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0280 [Dec. 21st, 2010|10:29 am]
[feeling |anxiousanxious]
[listening to |The Vitamin String Quartet - Special | Powered by Last.fm]

I'm almost to 500 drawings this year.
I'm pretty excited.
I've been making holiday cards so when I update next I'll have those all scanned in one big post.
Sorry if I didn't send you one this year. I had one HELL of a time getting the ones I had listed all planned out ;;;;;;

But yeah those will be sent out today, tomorrow and however long until they're all out!
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